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2.5 L GM The U Engine is used in the Buick Summer Set Currlis Calla

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GM 2.5
10038808- ---- 1987-1991
10044655----- -1987-1996
10044543------ 1991-1993

AERA members have reported confusion over replacing cylinder heads for 1985-87 2.5L (151 CID) engines even when using cylinder heads with the same casting number. The source for this confusion lies with General Motors using two differently machined configurations of a head carrying the same casting number for both the standard engine as well as the shortened version used in "N" body vehicles, such as the Pontiac Grand AM, Buick Somerset, etc. In 1985-86 this head carried the casting number 10027767. In 1987 it was replaced by casting number 10038808.
GM 2.5 R&U
GM uses a shorter version of the 2.5L engine for the "N" body FWD cars, VIN code U, than for the cars that have VIN code R or 2. Although some components will interchange, the key pieces such as the block, head, crankshaft and camshaft will not. By measuring the center-to-center dimension of the rear holes of the cylinder head parallel to the flywheel, you can easily distinguish between the two applications. If the measurement is 3.670" it is the shortened version for the "N" body cars (VIN code U). If it is 3.980", it is the longer head for all other
vehicles (VIN codes R and 2). GM cast these bolt hole pads in an elliptical shape to allow for both versions.

GM 2.5 Your Cost 295.00
VIN code R U or 2

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